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  • What Is the ‘Broken Rung,’ and How Can Companies Fix It?

    3 December 2020

    It’s just one promotion. What’s the big deal? Historically, women getting passed over for promotions early in their careers can translate into a very big deal. When fewer women get promoted to management positions earlier in their careers, it follows that there are fewer women to promote to higher levels of leadership. In other words, being passed over for a couple of early promotions can have a substantial impact on what corporate leadership looks like.

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  • The world needs more women leaders during COVID-19 and beyond

    3 December 2020

    With the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic top of mind for most of our leaders, economic recovery plans are being studied and analyzed by researchers. Read more

  • When Women’s Leadership Has Market Value, the World Changes

    22 October 2020

    It seems, in the feminist philanthropy community, everyone is waiting for that tipping point to come, when women’s leadership finally establishes its value to the world.

  • If companies are serious about diversity & inclusion, here's how to walk the talk

    22 October 2020

    A new study shows that despite bright spots, diversity has yet to be hardwired into most company cultures.

  • Building Strategies To Unlock Growth, Inclusion And Prosperity For Women In Technology

    8 October 2020

    It's been shown that diverse teams, including those with greater gender diversity, are on average more creative and innovative, and ultimately, they are associated with greater profitability.

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