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    PWN Global Monthly Event Mailer

    22 June 2016

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    Local City Network Events **

    27 June 2016

    Mentorship Program 2023

    15 November 2016

    With this Mentorship Program, PWN Norway wants to contribute to the professional and personal development of women. We want to create a strong collaboration where women are empowering women with knowledge-sharing and honest commitment.  

    The Mentorship Program 2023 will be launched in 09.23-11.23 with min. amount of 6 sessions

    What we will offer:

    Professionals :

    - with min 4 years of professional experience

    - in diverse areas including sustainability, medical science, IT, energy, education, climate change

    - can assist in your professional integration in Norwegian context & system

    - internationally open-minded leaders, who are speaking in not only in English but also French, Romanian, Norwegian, Persian, Spanish and Lithuanian


    Our selected Mentors will help you with: 

    1. Personal / Career/ Business Development

    2. Career Change

    3. Management

    4. Leadership 

    5. Job-seeking 


    We are carefully choosing the Mentors and Mentees. Hence we will include:

    • Interviewing the Mentors
    • Interviewing the Mentees
    • Matching session online (before the program starts)
    • Contract of commitment between Mentors & Mentees
    • Facilitation and follow up both Mentors & Mentees

    And finally, we will organise welcoming & closing ceremonies, where you have a chance to share your experience and expand the network. 

    Please contact for further information. 

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