PWN Paris is a branch of PWN Global. We are a cross-sectoral networking, advocacy, information and training forum for management-level women with an international outlook. The mission of the association – which is run by a group of dynamic women, all volunteers – is to promote the professional progress of women and give them the tools, networks and skills they need to assume leadership roles.

We offer you a home, a place to learn from like-minded individuals; develop new skills (via our tried and tested volunteering programme), air your professional concerns and frustrations and find solutions! Become a member of the PWN Global community and you can:

Access a ready-built support network that will help you achieve your professional aspirations

Learn from a wealth of practical advice on how to deal with inequality in the workplace

Become a Corporate Partner and access in-depth knowledge that will support your organisation in putting gender balance at the very core of your operations.

Connect, share, learn, advance – yourself and the world!

A new website and platform

We are in the middle of migrating from our current website to our new website and platform. This means that until next Thursday our website and platform is under construction and can't accesed. If you have any questions or would like to sign up as a member or want to attend at one of our events, send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PWN Geneva-Lausanne is the 26th chapter of a vibrant and dynamic global federation of professional networks which has its founding roots in Europe. Our common objective across cities is to provide women with the tools, networks and support resources they need to assume leadership positions. We aim to share knowledge across our networks, and are participating in several Europe-wide, US and global initiatives. We combine a sophisticated online networking platform, linking thousands business women and men to our communities, social media links and on the ground programs and events - more than 600 per year.

Who are our members?

A group of confident, constructive and very international professional women who delight in all the aspects of today’s opportunities – personal, professional and familial. We aim to learn from each other the ins and outs of the world of work and maximise our recognised potential and impact. We are 50% of the talent pool and 50% of the market – let’s wield our growing impact wisely.

Our members are senior-level, international business women, working in corporations or the public sector or entrepreneurs who have launched their own companies.


Multilingual and multicultural, having lived and/or worked in more than one country. Comfortable in English and the local network language, as our events may be in either language.


Having held positions of responsibility, either in the corporate world or the public sector, often in several countries, or as the founder of her own business. Most will hold a graduate degree from a leading school or university.


Refers to the sphere which is of relevance to our members: the world of business, whether a major multinational, a mid-sized company working at the regional level or small start-up.

What is PWN Lisbon?

PWN Lisbon is a Portuguese branch of PWN Global.

PWN Global is a unique off-line and online networking and learning community for women and companies seeking to promote and encourage women’s professional progress.


A PWN SP é parte da  PWN Global, um movimento presente em 28 cidades do mundo, que trabalha para equilibrar a presença de homens e mulheres nas  posições de liderança. Em São Paulo, nossa missão é promover, influenciar e apoiar o desenvolvimento das mulheres por meio do debate, desenvolvimento profissional, mentoring e networking.

Ao se associar à PWN São Paulo você fará parte de uma rede global presente em 28 cidades pelo mundo. E terá acesso a eventos periódicos, poderá participar do nossos programas de Mentoring e Empreendedorismo. Também poderá desenvolver suas habilidades de liderança, trabalho em equipe e relacionamento interpessoal sendo uma voluntária da nossa comunidade. 

Inspire and be inspired

PWN Zug & Zurich is PWN Global’s first city network in Switzerland. We are more than 100 members representing 25 nationalities and a similarly diverse range of backgrounds, life stories and careers. 

We are a social catalyst focused on positive change via sharing KNOWLEDGE, BEST PRACTICES, TOOLS and TECHNIQUES through networking, learning events, instructive webinars and mentoring programs.

PWN Global is a global movement of people working towards gender balanced leadership through professional development and international, cross-industry, online and in-person networking. 


PWN Zug & Zurich

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