Ezgi Ondas
VP Marketing

Ezgi is a marketing specialist with several years of digital marketing, brand management, and event management experience. She has a master's degree in Marketing and Digital Communications from Lumsa University, Italy.

Ezgi is passionate about women empowerment, brand activism, and purpose-driven marketing. She is eager to help brands understand their purposes and create marketing strategies that make a better impact.

Ezgi started her career as a Junior Event Manager in Istanbul, Turkey. After a year of experience, she decided to focus on her academic background and moved to Rome, Italy for her master's degree. After school, Ezgi continued her career as a Marketing Specialist in the textile/fashion industry in Istanbul. She created marketing strategies to make a positive impact on sustainable fashion.

Currently, Ezgi continues her career in Norway. She is the VP of Marketing at PWN Norway. She is coordinating all marketing activities of PWN Norway.