Christa Werner
VP Events

Christa is an experienced events director, venue general manager, project manager, marketing communications professional, and restaurateur. With a passion for something new and challenging, she has been working in the corporate and private sectors for several years. Her life motto is “If you want it and you work for it, it will be yours”. She embarked on her first project at the age of 17 and quickly learned how to be a leader. Christa has also dedicated her time to non-profit organizations, volunteering in social work for women, children, and the environment.

Since moving to Norway in Autumn 2018, Christa has been actively involved in various activities. She currently works as an Assistant Program Leader at UiS InGenious Program and Entrepreneur. Her passion for gender-balanced leadership led her to join PWN, an organization that aims to provide women with the same opportunities as men in their careers. Through PWN Norway, Christa has been able to expand her professional network in Stavanger and Oslo while developing her skills.

Christa holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. In her free time, she enjoys baking, singing, and travelling.